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Sunday Surcharge

From August 6 2023, we will be implementing a 10% surcharge on Sundays. This decision hasn't been made lightly but after a 5.7% government wage increase and additional 1% superannuation increase (which we fully support), alongside a host of increases outlined below, it was a decision that needed to be made for the long term viability of our small business and particularly Sunday trading.


We want to pay our staff what they deserve and be an organisation that people aspire to work with because they know they will be valued and looked after. We understand this decision won't be for everyone and that is okay, but ensuring we are building a sustainable business for our community that continues to employ locally and delver money back into that community is our number one priority.


Electricity increase of 25%

Packaging increase of 40% past 2 years

Wholesale Food and beverage price increase of 12% on average

Government wage increase of 5.7% - This equates to a 9% Sunday wages increase.

Superannuation increase of 1%

We appreciate your understanding and welcome any feedback or questions directly to

Brad + Susan


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