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This course is the perfect introduction to the world of speciality coffee. The course provides a brief theoretical background into origin and the journey from cherry to the cup, your job as a barista, understanding extraction techniques, milk steaming and pouring.  Held over three hours at Three Flamingos cafe in Albion Park, you will leave with a strong grasp on all of the course content outlined below.

Coffee School

SKU: 170822
  • 1. Origin of Coffee

    What is coffee
    Where does it come from
    The Journey from cherry to cup

    2. Your job as a barista

    Drink Types
    Abbreviations + shorthand

    3.   Extraction

    Stages of an Espresso Extraction
    What to look for in a good extraction
    Difference between over and under extraction
    Following a recipe
    Adjusting the grind

    4.   Milk Steaming

    Types of Milk
    Cross Contamination
    Texturing Milk

    5. Pouring Methods

    Three stages of Pouring
    Colour and shine
    Basics of Latte art

  • Date : Thursday Feb 23

    Time: 5pm - 7pm

    Address: 136 Terry St, Albion Park

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