Have you always wondered how your coffee is made? Do you want to know where coffee comes from and why it tastes so good? Are you interested in becoming a barista, want to improve your at home experience or take your current skills to the next level?


Our ‘Espresso Fundamentals’ course is designed to be your introduction to the world of specialty coffee and espresso extraction. Becoming a skilled barista requires solid knowledge of the coffee bean and its journey to you, the equipment used to extract the espresso, and the skill required to present it.

Course Outcomes:


After completing this course, you will:

  1. Have a basic understanding of the global coffee industry, including agriculture, processing, roasting and espresso extraction.

  2. Have a basic understanding of coffee types, including blends, single origins and decaffeinated.

  3. Have a solid understanding of the barista’s menu.

  4. Be familiar with commercial espresso equipment and how to use and clean them.

  5. Extract espresso and texture milk.